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BETHANY PIONEER VILLAGE, located in a park like setting by Lucien Lake is a retirement community providing a campus of care model for seniors’ housing ensuring that most residents can transition through a variety of housing and care options, and remain living in the same vibrant Bethany community throughout their retirement years. Bethany Pioneer Village offers independent housing units, an assisted living facility, and a special care home.

Bethany Pioneer Village began in 1956 as a housing project for seniors in rural Saskatchewan. While the work of the organization was housing for seniors the purpose of the organization was to give glory to God through this work. With donations and low cost loans from Lutherans throughout the Manitoba/Saskatchewan district and the Lord’s blessing this wonderful project began and 30 self-contained suites with modern plumbing and heat were constructed.

Before the housing suites were completed, the need for housing with a care component was seen and in 1960 a 35 bed hostel was built alongside the housing suites. Bethany became one of the first privately run nursing homes in the province. As needs increased so did the project and soon Bethany was operating a 56 bed nursing home serving a large area of our province. In 1981 the government of Saskatchewan developed new standards for care homes and so a new 36 bed Special Care home (Aspen Manor) was opened in 1985.

The old Hostel was renovated to a 28 room facility; we pioneered what we call an Assisted Living Home (Birch Manor). In 2000 Birch Manor expanded by 13 rooms. One special feature is that the Assisted Living Home is linked to the Special Care home allowing husbands and wives to remain close together when one required professional care.

The Units were renovated in 1987, mostly into two bedroom suites. What a blessing to have a continuum of care, independent living housing, assisted living and special-care all on the same property and right beside a scenic lake and Regional Park.

Bethany was incorporated in 1956 and is a Non-Profit Corporation recognized by Lutheran Church Canada as a Social Service Ministry. The Board of Directors consists of 11 members.

Church service from Faith Lutheran Church in Middle Lake is transmitted and broadcast throughout the home every Sunday. We also have Lutheran service, Catholic Mass and Gospel Church coming in to the home for weekly service.


Administration:  306.367.2033

Aspen Manor, Special Care Home: 306.367.2036

Birch Manor, Assisted Living Home: 306.367.4747

Board of Directors

Ray Brockman, Chairman
Sharon Carter, Vice Chairman
Shirley Kielau, Secretary
Scott Kirsch
Jonathan Dobrohoczki
Stacey Griffin
Wanda Krentz
Pastor Ryan Schnee

Pastoral Care

Father Colin Roy
Rev. Ryan Schnee 

Contact Us

Bethany Pioneer Village
777 Regional Park Rd
Middle Lake, SK S0K 2X0

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