Birch Manor

Assisted living Home

BIRCH MANOR is our assisted living facility which provides a home-like atmosphere when living alone becomes too difficult. The term “Assisted Living” has various meanings in Saskatchewan. We adopted the term in 1987 to mean a senior’s apartment complex providing meals, snacks, entertainment and 24 hour staffing.

There are three sizes of suites, and each suite has its own full bathroom.

Home Care is available for personal care, housekeeping and laundry through the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

There is a linking hallway joining the Assisted Living Home with the Special Care Home so residents from each building are able to go back and forth for visiting, entertainment, worship service and activities.


(Please give us 24 hours notice and  join a family member for a meal)


Halls 1 and 2 (original building): $ 1462.00 – $ 1587.00
Hall 1 and 2 - two room suites:
- Single occupancy: $1706.00 - $2060.00
- Double occupancy: $$2571.00 - $2978.00
Hall 3 (2000 wing): $ 1706.00
- Double occupancy (same room): $2571.00

Examples of floor plans:

One Bedroom
Two Bedroom

Meal Plan:
- Single: $300 (included)
- Double $600 (included)

Optional Services:
- Night monitoring: $50
- Personal Assistance: $50

Processing fee -non-refundable (when moving in or changing suites): $150

Note: Residents must give two weeks notice when moving out. If wanting to hang pictures and other things please talk to Jessica. This building is SMOKE FREE.


Birch Manor Contact

Jessica Borstmayer, Birch Manor Coordinator  306.367.4747