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Mission Possible

Here’s where you’ll see us telling short stories highlighting some of the incredible people who make Bethany’s Mission possible.

May, 2020

All of us have felt the fear and concern that accompanied the sudden onslaught of the Corona Virus in February and its continuing impact on our daily lives. The impact has been especially significant here at Bethany for everyone – residents, family members and staff.

It has been difficult for residents and family members to be separated during this time, and all of us would like to have this over and done with. None more so than our staff members. The fear of anyone in their care contracting this virus weighs heavily on their minds every day. Since February Bethany’s Administrator and staff have been dealing with constantly changing Covid-19 procedures initiated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority in an effort to keep our elders free of the virus. Throughout all of this our staff have continued their commitment to give loving care and support to our residents and families. We are thankful for their work and their strong sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of every resident.

That Bethany continues to be free of the virus is a testimony to the diligence and exceptional service that staff members have given to our residents. During the coming weeks and months of Covid-19’s presence in our lives we pray for the continued safety of our residents and staff.

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